Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Benefits of an Indoor Gardening using Solar Grow Light Tubes

Solar Grow Light Tubes
In this post, I want to focus on a new innovative way to provide lighting for your indoor garden by using Solar Grow Light Tubes. 

There are many different types of lights being used for indoor growing.  In the past, most indoor growing enthusiasts have been using fluorescent, halogen, metal halide or sodium.  Fluorescent lighting was the choice for some because they at one time were the least expensive to run on electricity.  Then LED’s which are less expensive electricity wise are good but more expensive to buy and replace.  All these different ways of providing lighting for your indoor garden have substance and should be examined carefully. 
After choosing your light source and purchasing the fixtures, you must choose the appropriate light bulb.   Some manufacturers offer light bulbs that try to replicate the spectrum you get by using sunlight which is the best light for growing. 
By installing Solar Grow Light Tubes in my home, I have achieved an enjoyable indoor garden and eliminated a lot of the hassle.
Here are some of the benefits I have achieved:
  • ·         Natural Sunlight which is the very best light for growing
  • ·         No Electricity Needed
  • ·         No Heat from grow lights that needs to be monitored
  • ·         No problem with cold from setting plants by windows to give them that much needed burst from natural sunlight
  • ·         No expense from changing out expensive light bulbs
  • ·         The reflective material and specially designed lens allows for a very long growing day.  They capture light from dawn to dusk and provide tons of light on cloudy days.
  • ·         One time investment
  • ·         Use of solar power is not only good for my indoor garden but good for the environment
  • ·         Nothing artificial is being brought into my home (just natural sunlight)
  • ·         The full benefit the sun has to offer your plants
  • ·         Fresh vegetables for my family year round
  • ·         Easy to install
  • ·         Maintenance free
  • ·         Lifetime Warranty and Hurricane rated

Solar Grow Light Tubes are being used throughout the country in many, many different climates.  There reflective material does a great job of providing light all day.  I know there are some of you that are 24 hour a day growers and by using sunlight 12 hours a day, your electricity consumption can be cut in half.  Good all around.  

They come in complete kits with everything needed to easily install them.
Solar Grow Light Tube Kits with everything needed for installation.

 I hope this post has given you some good insight and benefits of using solar grow light tubes for your indoor garden.